There is a lot more to The Frame House than what you will be hanging on your wall. It is personal attention from two of the most experienced and capable framers and designers with whom one could hope to work. It is assurance that you will get the best possible product and service, combined with the best value for your money.

Alan Frakes

Owner & Founder

Alan Frakes moved to Dallas in 1969 and immediately became involved in the design community. His first opportunity was with a floral design shop; his second, with an exclusive interior design shop– where he became the top salesman at the age of only 21! And, most importantly, these jobs provided him with valuable color and composition design skills.

Yet, Alan always wanted to lead his own business. When an opportunity emerged, he became the owner of an existing frame shop. Alan hired the best framers in town to work with him. He combined the skills he learned from these framers with the quality craftsmanship his father had always demanded of him and his own attention to detail. The Frame House quickly became successful, and two of the most skilled framers in Dallas joined him full-time. After a few short years, Alan was able to purchase the property housing his shop, and his success has continued for over 43 years.

Alan’s love for meeting and working with people enables him to develop lasting relationships with his customers. He has several clients who have been with him since he opened his business over 40 years ago, as well as many second and third generation customers. The trust and satisfaction which comes from giving people the best possible quality and service continues to reinforce Alan’s love for what he does.

James Young


James Young began his design career in the Seattle area where he worked to enhance his knowledge of interior design. Each of the design firms with which he worked had in-house frame services. James enjoyed the craft so much that he opened his own frame shop in 1975!

In 1981, an opportunity arose for James to move to Dallas where the burgeoning economy offered him great opportunity. It was not long before James found his way to The Frame House, where he was able to take his framing expertise to the next level. His passion for design and attention to detail made him a perfect fit; and, in 1983, he and Alan Frakes became business partners.

More than 28 years later, The Frame House continues to amaze customers with craftsmanship, design prowess and-- most of all-- the enthusiasm of its owners for their work.